Crossword Quiz TV Show 2 Answers 1

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1. orientation: across hints: the Simpsons answers: Bart
1. orientation: down hints: bob … former host of the price is right answers: barker
2. orientation: across hints: square speak car answers: Kit
3. orientation: down hints: HBO show about vampires answers: true blood
4. orientation: down hints: the sailor cartoon answers: Popeye
5. orientation: across hints: … bass is a main character from gossip girl answers: chuck
5. orientation: down hints: video shoot av joe answers: catfish
6. orientation: across hints: purple dinosaur answers: barney
7. orientation: across hints: culinary competition where world-class chefs battle legendary chefs from America answers: Iron chef
8. orientation: down hints: home shopping network answers: HSN
9. orientation: across hints: this company’s mascot is a small furry rodent answers: Disney