Crossword Quiz Supernatural Answers Level 10

Here’s the supernatural category answers level 10 in crossword quiz game, please share this answers with other player to support create more useful puzzle game solutions.


Crossword quiz supernatural level 10
number: 1 orientation: ACROSS hints: Vampire with a vendetta against Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga answers: VICTORIA
number: 2 orientation: DOWN hints: images answers: CHARM
number: 3 orientation: DOWN hints: Eye color of a vampire after drinking human blood answers: RED
number: 4 orientation: DOWN hints: A Miyazaki film about a tiny family  answers: ARRIETTY
number: 5 orientation: ACROSS hints: Famous magician with the last name Coperfield answers: DAVID
number: 6 orientation: DOWN hints: images answers: AVATAR
number: 7 orientation: ACROSS hints: Someone that lacks any magical ability as defined in the Harry Potter series answers: MUGGLE
number: 8 orientation: DOWN hints: images answers: GOLLUM
number: 9 orientation: ACROSS hints: Gabriel. Michael. Azazel. Bartleby. David Boreanaz’s character. answers: ANGEL
number: 10 orientation: DOWN hints: The first name of the black robed scythe wielding bringer of death answers: GRIM
number: 11 orientation: ACROSS hints: images answers: LUCY
number: 12 orientation: ACROSS hints: A deceased human that has been preserved answers: MUMMY