Crossword Quiz Music Answers Level 9

Here’s the music category answers Level 9 in crossword quiz game, please share this answers with other player to support create more useful puzzle game solutions.

version 1.4 and up
Crossword quiz music answers level 9
Number: 1 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: Answers: YOUNG
Number: 2 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Answers: NO AIR
Number: 3 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Song by Alicia Keys that won the 2008 Grammy Award for Best R&B Song Answers: NO ONE
Number: 4 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: Answers: DREAM BOY
Number: 4 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Original American Idol’s hit about the shady aspect of The Force Answers: DARK SIDE
Number: 5 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: Answers: RED ROPES
Number: 6 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Answers: DEMONS
Number: 7 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Answers: STROBE
Number: 8 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: Answers: MOTHER
Number: 9 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Song title shared by two artists. One from Spain & the other performs in Las Vegas Answers: HERO
Number: 10 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: Simple melodysing a simple melodyThat’s how __ __ can be Answers: EASY LOVE

for old version
Crossword quiz music answers level 9
Number: 1 Orientation: ACROSS Hints:  Answers: RESPECT
Number: 2 Orientation: DOWN Hints:  Answers: SMILE
Number: 3 Orientation: DOWN Hints: Hit song by a folk duo that was written in response to harsh critics Answers: THE BOXER
Number: 4 Orientation: ACROSS Hints:  Answers: WHISTLE
Number: 5 Orientation: DOWN Hints:  Answers: TALL
Number: 6 Orientation: DOWN Hints:  Answers: GOODBYE
Number: 7 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: I might not give the answerthat you want me to,______ Answers: OH WELL
Number: 8 Orientation: DOWN Hints:  Answers: WE RIDE
Number: 9 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: Florida Georgia Line song about where everyone ends up Answers: DIRT
Number: 10 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: 2014 hit party song by a rapper who is named after a southern state Answers: GDFR
Number: 11 Orientation: ACROSS Hints: HelloI’ve waited here for you,_____ Answers: EVERLONG