Crossword Quiz Games Answers 4

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1. Another word for battle or combat answers: fight
2. hit ball with stick answers: golf
3. … ball is when 2 people use their hands to hit a ball suspended on a cord from a post answers: tether
4. A game of bluffing that might involve some cursing answers: BS
4. Abstract strategy board game made up of colored blocks answers: blokus
5. wet blue paint and brown answers: splatoon
5. ski and ball answers: skee ball
6. Form of electronic competition known for tournaments like the evolution championship series answers: esports
7. cards chips and table answers: poker
8. Word guessing party game published by parker brothers in 1989 answers: taboo
9. Not a vacuum, but a nintendo icon answers: kirby
10. When you have to start over after a crash typically on a computer answers: reboot